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    AHOU's Advance360 curriculum offers education opportunities for different sectors of the underwriting industry. For underwriters in different stages of their careers – from interns to chiefs – rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education.

    Convenience is a top priority of Advance360, as the AHOU seeks to ensure that even the busiest underwriting professional can make time for education and professional development. The program features on-demand podcasts and webinars that can be accessed anywhere at any time. Advance360’s all-inclusive and easily-accessible educational opportunities will take a 360° approach, removing the barriers to when and where underwriting education takes place.

    AHOU established Advance360 to develop timely content focused on risk selection in the life, health, and living benefits insurance industries. All Advance360 curriculum will be focused on education rather than certification.

    To learn more about AHOU visit www.ahou.org.

    Questions: Contact memberservices@ahou.org

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